Goodies: Pastel Triangle Patterns

Pastel Triangle Patterns Preview

These 12 high-res seamless romantic and soft triangle mosaic patterns are an early Valentine’s Day gift from me to all pattern lovers.
Hope you like it!

Pastel Triangle Patterns are FREE for personal and commercial use. Comments and credits are always greatly appreciated. To download just click the download button.



  1. Hi!

    What do I have to do now, if I want to use these free patterns?

    Write your name, link and copyright on the work I created, is that enough or do I have to do more?

    I didn’t fully understand the Creative Commons Licence!

    Greets from Germany!

    • Hi Verena!
      I would appreciate just a link to the patterns you used (in the info of the product), but it’s not necessary. By the way, I really like your prints!
      Greetings from Croatia!

  2. How do you do.
    I saw your beautiful pattern [Pastel Triangle Patterns], and
    at the same time, I downloaded them. But files were .pat files.

    However, unfortunately I don’t know how to develop them.

    So, would you please teach me, if possible? My PC OS is Windows10.
    Sincerely yours,

    • Hi!
      A file with the PAT file extension is a Pattern Image file used by graphics programs for creating a pattern across an image. PAT files can be opened with Adobe Photoshop, GIMP, Corel PaintShop and probably some other graphics tools as well.
      Please check out my tutorial HOW TO INSTALL PATTERNS IN PHOTOSHOP


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